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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Nice Electric Car For Sale in London For Under $3000

2006 G-Wiz - £1850 (London) Under $3000

Believe it or not - this car holds 4 people. I drove one last summer. Goes about 35 MPH for 45 miles. They cost $15,000 new. Street legal.

Very good condition REVA G-Wiz for sale. All the usual G-Wiz refinements but with leather seats (good condition all over) and radio/CD, regularly serviced by Goin Green. One of three models for sale. Automatic (electric motor), 3 door hatchback, metallic black paint, valid tax and MOT, and 11,441 miles but these are irrelevant as the vehicle is well maintained and the motor and batteries are what matter. Highly efficient vehicle perfect for scooting around London, of course without incurring the Congestion Charge, free parking in Westminster, and membership to Source London (charging network).

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