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Thursday, July 19, 2012

London Car of the Day - a 1952 MG-YB

0 to 71 miles per hour in infinity. A 1952 MG-YB.

This story is dedicated to my two motorhead MG freak friends - Josh Gross and JP Brown. Back in the old days - I had an Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite - an MGA Twin Cam - and an MGB. Fans know that MG stood for Morris's Garage - the place that first made them. 

After the war - in American - the MG-TC and MG-TD became very popular. GI's stationed in Britain brought them home from the war. As a matter of fact - more MG-TC's and MG-TD's were sold in American than in England. Up until 1968 - you could bring in cars from other countries without having to add any safety or smog equipment. Thanks to Ralph Nader laws were passed that killed the real foreign sports cars. So that makes horrible two things we have to thank old goofy Ralph for.

Today in the parking lot of the RAF Museum in Colindale - I met a guy driving his family in a 1952 MG-YB sedan. They only made 1300 of them - it had the new MG frame and drive train on it found in an MG-TD's - but an old body style left over from before the war. With an 1250cc engine and only 54 horsepower if was terribly underpowered. This guy was the second owner - and he has had it for 19 years. Somewhere along the line someone did a beautiful restoration job on it. The paint was impeccable - no waves - no dents - no knicks. 

It took a while to get the guy to talk about it - but once he started - when I told him I had an MGA - he couldn't tell me enough about it.

It could go 70 miles an hour - getting from 0 to 60 in 30 seconds. Even in 1952 - it got 30 miles per gallon. 

This family of 5 were enjoying a day at the RAF Museum in their 1952 MG-YB.

I love the "extra" license place.

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