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Saturday, July 11, 2020

On The Way Home From Tamaqua - We Visited Jack and Tami Cox In Rural Retreat VA

Hungry Mother Park - Tami - Jack - Lulu
A lovely home in the Mountains

Harry - Jack - and the propane tank to run their fireplace

On the way home from Tamaqua PA to Tallahassee FL - we made two overnight stops. The first one was in Rural Retreat VA where Jack and Tami Cox live. Jack is Lulu's brother and he works for Royal Building Materials - a company that manufactures resin lumber. They make mostly resin siding and synthetic deck materials.

Rural Retreat is a village of about 1500 people - it is a quick exit off I-81. It is high in the Blue Ridge Mountains at 2500 feet elevation. They have a most beautiful summers - but in winter they have WINTER.

Tami is a Bomb Girl - she works in a plant making weapons. Jack is a Quality Assurance Manager. They both are also experts at renovation and decoration.

We parked our camper in the driveway and spent two nights enjoying the cool crisp quiet summer air.  On the 4th of July - the neighbors provided a wonderful fireworks display.

I call Tami - Paula Dean - because she has mastered Southern Comfort Food. When Tami travels - she shows up with her giant heavy black cast iron skillet. You know she has a copy of the secret recipe somewhere.

Jack is at the age where he is considering retirement within the year. It will be interesting to see what they do. They love to travel on cruises. Tami is only at home on a beach. There will really not be much holding them in Rural Retreat. Maybe some day we will have neighbors in Florida.

Our second night's stay was in Helen GA - an interesting town with a German motif. The town re-made itself in 1960 - and is now the third most visited town in Georgia. There are lots of German foods and decorations. We spent the night and pulled out at 6 AM for the last leg of our journey. Lulu stayed in bed until 9 AM - when we were past the Atlanta traffic and in the stretch for home.

Jack's plant makes synthetic wood

Supper was chicken - the leftovers went in a hamper
for our trip home. It did not make it to Florida.
This was our Pandemic Palace Parking space for 2 nights

Three tractors are in that barn

The deck looks like new- it is 10 years old.
Bella likes to chase drones.

A beautiful back yard oasis

They spend lots of time on that deck.

This is proof that Jack's
half-assed brother-in-law
came to visit. 

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