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Monday, April 27, 2020

I Just Sold This Roaster For $20

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My grandmother - Bertha Hontz - was a wonderful lady. We called her Mammy. She married Roy Hontz after her first husband Roy Everhart died. But my biggest memory of Mammy was her making a cooked lunch for my sisters and I while we attended Tamaqua Schools. In those days she lived on Broad Street in Tamaqua - and kids used to rush home for lunch every day from school. I went to North Ward School - the red Junior High on Broad Street - and the old High School on High Street.

Mammy's favorite kitchen appliance was a Roaster like this one. Hers was the floor model that wheeled around on coasters. Westinghouse made them. Mammy cooked everything in hers. I loved the steamed buns for hot dogs and barbecues. I guess the roaster has been replaced by the "modern" crock pot. 

My friend Joan has a whole bunch of household items she wanted to sell. She is cautious about people coming to her house - so I am selling them for her. I have my own little showroom in our detached garage. A lady came all the way from Quincy to buy the roaster. It turns out she is a public school teacher too.

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