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Monday, May 13, 2019

We Saw Mamma Mia On Mothers Day

Sandals - breakfast in bed - and a day at the theater

February Valentines Day - May Mothers Day - June Anniversary - July Birthday - December Christmas - I call them the big 5. They are my turns for showing appreciation for all the lovely things Lulu does for me. 

The day started out with a pair of blue plastic Birkenstock sandals followed by a breakfast in bed. My scrambled eggs are nothing to write home about. My original plan called for taking the camper to Panama City Beach and supper at Hofbrau House - but the weather report showed terrible storms the entire day there. 

With some quick thinking - I found some 6th row seats for a Mothers' Day final show of Mamma Mia at the Quincy Music Theater. Qunicy is about 20 miles west of Tallahassee and on the road to the beach. The weather was already festering - so I grabbed our umbrella and away we went. 

Quincy is the county seat of Gadsden County. They have an old town square right along US Highway 90 that holds the county court house. The theatre almost fronts on that square. Our friends own a restaurant on the square called Delfino's. They make great farm to table meals. It has become a landmark. They were not opened Sunday. 

We paid $17 a seat - senior citizen price - and the theatre was full. There was also a full orchestra pit - you could tell the band enjoyed rocking All the music was original and scratch. The cast was made of mostly housewives - with college and high school students. Many have a long history in theatre. Everybody did a great job. It is nice going to a show where you know the story and the music. The songs were from the 1970s group - ABBA. We saw this story in the movies. We went to the show in London and on Broadway before. 

It is fun seeing today's kids sing the old songs and do the dance steps we were brought up on. They really did the routines well and seemed to be having more fun than I ever had on a dance floor. I shot a short video of the show's title tune - Mamma Mia. I particularly liked the dancing style of one of the cast - a little blonde in blue and white. I would have told her how much I liked her performance in the lobby - but I would have felt like a stalker - she was about 17 - and I am 71. She reminded me of someone I knew at 17 :-)

The show started at 2:30 and at 5:00 we were out the door. You could tell it rained quite a bit - but it was dry then. Our car was parked right out front and we headed home. 

We stopped at Steak and Shake and had steaks and shakes. It reminded me of a date I had about 50 years ago. Lulu and I had our first date - 50 years ago. It followed a date we almost had. In August of 1969 - I had a new brand new Volkswagen - and asked Lulu's Mom if I could take Lulu to Woodstock. In honor of Mother's Day - Lulu's mother would not allow it - so I went without her. On the way home - our sons called to wish Lulu a Happy Mothers Day. Lulu called her Mom and did the same.

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