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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Replacing Mattress In A 2004 Roadtrek Popular 190 with High Density Foam

Our 2004 Dodge Roadtrek

We have owned this 2004 Roadtrek 190 for two years. We have slept in it 25 nights. When we camp - we like to keep the rear bed made up. Normally the rear bed is made of 6 cushions. They are about 4 inches thick and in good shape. But we do not like sleeping on the cracks. So we figured we would get a custom mattress for the back. The rear bed is 72" x 72" x 6 " - certainly an odd size for a mattress. Nobody has them that size on the shelf. If we wanted a custom made one - they wanted $600 to $1200. That was too steep for us. 

We found a place called the Foam Factory. They offered a California King Mattress of HD35 Foam - not the soft memory foam - but a pretty dense block of material. It was 84" x 72" x 6" - for $175.00. We had ordered one before of Memory Foam. We did not like the softness and sent it back. We do like this HD35 Foam. 

What is interesting is that they send these foam mattresses - stuffed into small boxes. What they do is put the mattress in a bag and suck the air out. When we had to send the Memory Foam back it was really hard getting it back in the box. 

Foam Factory said it is easy to cut with any serrated knife. I started with an electric knife but half way thru it got really hot. My wife then took a normal serrated knife and easily finished the 6 foot long cut. 

We carried it out to the van and enjoyed the perfect fit. We have a friend who is good with a sewing machine. She is making a new set of curtains for us. I will try to get her to make a nice mattress cover or fitted sheet of the same curtain material or color.

The original mattress is made of 6 cushions.

You can make it into a dinette - but we eat at the front table.

Normal dinette setting

Here is the platform for the mattress.

This was cutting with an electric knife.

Cutting with a bread knife was easy.

This is a super sharp serrated bread knife.

The cut was not bad.

Mattress in place. I left the bag on it until we get a cover.


Mattress covered with a quilt until we can get a cover made.

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