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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

No More Power Failures - Thanks To This Honda Generator That Runs On Natural Gas

June to December is hurricane season in Florida. But already we have had power failures due to storms dropping trees and branches on our power lines.

The City of Tallahassee runs an excellent natural gas system to most of the homes in town. The city will install the service free of charge - all you have to do it buy the gas. Our home has a natural gas supply line that even during a power failure keeps offering the gas at about 2 PSI.

We have a gas tankless water heater - fireplace logs - a gas range - a gas grill - and now we have a gas generator.

The Honda 2000 Tri-fuel Generator will operate on natural gas - propane bottled gas - or gasoline without having to do any alterations. It senses which fuel is being used and adjusts itself.

Natural gas is a very clean burning fuel - although I would not run this generator indoors - you could. Natural gas is clean burning - therefore the generator will have much less wear and tear on it. There is no worry about stale gasoline clogging the carburetor bowl. The exhaust has no foul odor.

I have installed a gas tap on the outside of our home for our gas outdoor grill. I can use the same tap to run this generator. It is a quick release tap - so I can store the generator indoors when not in use. I do not plan to hard wire this generator into our main service box. I will use extension cords to connect it to appliances. I did have to buy a small regulator to step the pressure down from 2 PSI to 0.25 PSI. It cost $30.

Normally a Honda 2000 gasoline generator costs about $1200. This tri-fuel generator cost $1369 including the shipping from the factory in Maine. To sweeten the deal - I had a Honda 1000 gasoline generator that I sold on Craigslist for $500.

I bought my generator at - Central Maine Diesel - 29 Carey Circle - Hampden ME 04444 - 207-941-1188.

2000 watts is a lot of power. If you add up your appliances - you can run the freezer - refrigerator - televisions - satellite TV - tons of lights - several fans - even the hot tub in a pinch. You can charge cell phones and computers. The generator also has a 12 volt outlet that works well to charge auto batteries. Heck - I could even carry it around in the back of my Nissan Leaf electric car to turn it into a hybrid :-)

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