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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sweet Way to Backup Your Computer Every Night

I bought an 80GB external drive (SATA) and I had a firewire enclosure (ATA). So the plugs did not fit. My solution was to go out and buy another SATA drive.

Greg Covolos had a better idea. He has some neat little SATA hard drive aluminum cases. They have a USB connection and they come with a USB cord and even a little leather case. I took the SATA hard drive to Greg's shop - he installed it into the SATA case.

With an Intel Mac - you can boot from the USB case and hard drive.

I am now using this sweet little hard give (80GB) with the backup program Super Duper. With this setup - I am able to do an updated bootable backup of my mac book hard drive.

I have it set to do the process at 2 AM - every day. Last night - the backup took 7 minutes. With Super Duper you can set it to make a "carbon copy" of your hard drive by only backing up things that you added or changed during the day.

Now - if my mac book crashes or is stolen or lost - I just boot form my little hard drive and everything is in order - mail - bookmarks - pictures - music - files- programs.

Costs - 80GB hard drive - $30 - hard drive enclosure - $22. Piece of mind that your computer files are protected forever - priceless!

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Stephen,Dustin,James and Dewey said...

Nice story. if you dont mind me asking where did you get the case and hard drive