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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Switzerland - We just rode the Glacier Express

It is billed at the slowest express train in the world. It took 5 hours of narrow gauge cog track to get us from Zermatt to Chur. What a wonderful ride in glass roofed cars through the Alps. We were over 6000 feet up. We took tons of pictures and video and will share them later. Right now we are at McDonald's in Chur. We just picked up our rental car and will spend tonight in Lichtenstein or Along Lake Constance in Germany.

We have had two weeks of perfect weather. 70s. Sunny. Breezy. Not a drop of rain.

We fly back to London from Zurich on Friday night late.

We crossed 300 bridges and 100 tunnels. One tunnel was miles long. The las leg along the Rhine was stunning. It was crystal blue clear Glacier melt water. We saw many dams and hydro-turbines.

We had dinner on the train and drinks.

There were lots of Asian tourist and a group of University of Georgia grads. One Swiss photographer sat with us and acted like a guide.

We highly recommend this train ride. Our friend told us in winter it is nothing but snow fields. He said it is hard to photograph because it is so white and glaring.

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