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Saturday, July 01, 2017

LONDON - Saturday Shopping and a Play

Joan and Lulu in front of the Phoenix Theatre
I guess my jet lag is over. Saturday I slept from midnight until 8 AM - like a rock. I barely remember hitting the pillow - I woke up to the two ladies finishing their breakfast and me bon voyaging them out the door. The last thing I re-call Lulu saying was we are going shopping - we want you to get good seats cheap for the play "The Girls" at the Phoenix Theatre at 2:30. Be there was 3 great tickets.

Then I had to wait until noon because the cable guy was coming to fix the TV service. Talk about pressure. 

As the ladies went shopping - I patiently waited for the cable guy. Finally he came and went and it was noon. I got showered and dressed - and I took a subway - through Oxford Circus - to Picadilly Circus. Next I caught a bus and before you knew it - I was at the theatre. 

I went to the box office - and asked for day of show tickets. I got some very nice tickets in the fifth row at the end for 20 pounds each. Heck - it was only 12:30 and I had two hours to kill. 

There was a McDonalds near the theatre and I went for lunch. I just love the Chicken Selects over here (they must be free range chickens). But the coolest thing about McDonalds here is the kiosks. You select the stuff you want from big screen menus - then you hold your iPhone next to the kiosk and you pay for the food - no muss - no fuss. You get a receipt and number - and almost before you can turn around - you hear someone call out the number. Right after that - you check your Wells Fargo bank account back home - and you can see they took the money out of your account and paid Ronald McDonald. I tried it one more time for desert - and ice cream cone - zoom. 

I sat in the window at McDonalds taking pictures and video of the shoppers. The weather was perfect - sunny - low humidity - about 74 degrees.

At 2:30 PM - the ladies arrived with their shopping bags. We went into the show - had great seats - enjoyed a great show. Read reviews of the "The Girls." A bunch of very fat ladies appeared nude on stage at the end. It was very nice - very funny - and had a lot of very brave women. 

After the play - we had supper in Chinatown. We stopped at a bakery for pastry to take home. We are doing a lot of walking - but it is going to take many miles to keep up with the calories. We got home and passed out in the chairs in the living room. It is 10 PM now - we are going to bed at a normal time. 

Harry Potter was across the street

I would love to bring a Vespa Ape home
Picture taken out of McDonalds window
Our seats - row 5 - 20 pounds
The curtain
It was an gray and female crowd

Chinatown for supper
Saturday about 6 PM
Buying pastries for dessert - no speak English
Michel Jackson Theatre

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