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Sunday, July 16, 2017

ENGLAND - Uxbridge Rotary Club Car Show

 This Mini Moke was made in Portugal. There was a strong Moke club at the show. This was my favorite.

At about 11 AM - we left the apartment for the car show. We took a bus and a subway train - then a bus again. We paid 5 pounds each at the park to get in. Once we got in - we had lunch while 2 bands played American Soul Music. Then we started going up and down the aisles. Around 3 PM we had enough - and headed back to the subway station via bus. In Uxbridge - we found a neat pub and each had a pint for the ride home. We stumbled into the apartment about 6 PM.

Before 1968 - you were able to import British Cars with no problems. Then Ralph Nader started pushing the safety laws. You could no longer bring British Cars in - unless you modified them. There are still companies in England that buy pre-1968 cars - strip them down to the frame - then rebuild them to new. You get a pre-1967 title and can bring them home.

We did see two Ford Cobras there - plenty of Mustangs - a few Corvettes and Cadillacs.

 The Rotary Club collected 10 pounds per person - 5 per pensioner

 This Land Rover was registered in the 1940s category.

 The BMW Isetta had 3 wheels.

 This NSU Prinz was odd.

 Fiat Abarth race car.

 Fiat 500's are tiny - reminded us of our Honda 600.

 This bare basic Mini was really nice.

 This was an old Mini Huntsman

 Signage was terrible - no brands - no models - no years

 I have no idea what this was.

 I had a 1961 MGA this color blue. This had a 1600 engine. Mine had the Twin Cam engine.

 This tiny car was perfectly restored.

 When I went to college in 1966 - this Morris Minor was about $1200 new.

 The was a Citroen D-19 with the roof cut off and made into a travel truck.

 There were plenty of American cars in the show - including this 1959 Ford Skyliner.

 This tiny car had a giant V-8 in it.
 They call them "rat rods" they look old - but the mechanics are superb.

 This was beautifully restored - the interior is plain and beautiful.

 This VW Van featured a "swamp cooler." You put water in the cooler and the wind evaporated it.

 The fellow in red loved to talk about his Bugatti.

 Bugatti interior.

 Mini's are popular cars over here - they were the British Beetle in the 60s. Note how much smaller it is than the VW.

 In 1960 - Mini's ahead of there time - front wheel drive - 10 inches wheels - sideways engine.

 Three wheel cars escaped taxes as motorcycles.

 More 3 wheel cars avoided taxes.

 Plenty of restored old taxis.

 Another old taxi - beautiful restored.

 The meter was on the outside of this cab.

 This was an American Ford van. Note the flag - Elvis picture - gun door handle.

 Bunch of American kitsch inside.

 Except for the orange color - this was a cool Mini truck.

 Old touring sedans.

 How about a Rolls Royce.

 A restored dump truck in garnet and gold color.

 Hillman - my friend Richard Kantor had one of these.

 This Mini Moke was made in Australia - note the bigger wheels.

 I would like to bring home this English Mini Moke (donkey) - $10k to $20k.

 This Ford Cortina had a V-8 beautifuly installed.

 The DeTomaso Pantera had a 302 Ford V-8 right behind the driver's head.

 We got ice cream cones here for 2 pounds - really creamy Cornish ice cream.

 This pig nose Citroen truck was selling Anvil Coffee.

 What a nice Mercedes 4 seater - only 105 HP.

 There were lots of TVR sports cars - with Ford Cobra V-8's

 This car was a zodiac.

 VW Camper Van.

 Inside of the VW Camper Van.

 This is a Ford Anglia.

 The fire engine had solid rubber tires.

 Look at that combo - camper - trailer - VW van - Land Rover - Motorcycle.

 The camper was selling stuff - note the door is on the other side.

 This tiny camper was on a tiny mini-truck chassis.

This little 4WD camper - was really small.

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