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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ENGLAND - Tomorrow We Are Flying to Port Wenn

Louisa and Doc Martin
250 miles to Port Isaac
Tomorrow - we are flying to Port Isaac - the real name of the setting of the Doc Martin TV Show. Port Isaac is in the state of Cornwall. On the Netflix series Port Wenn is the place where Martin Ellingham (Martin Clune) is the town's only doctor. He eventually falls in love with the local school teacher Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz). The premise is that Dr Ellingham was a surgeon in London until he developed a phobia of blood. He chose the job in Port Wenn because he spent his boyhood summers there with his aunt. Doc Martin has a terrible bedside manner and shows evidence of autism.

Port Wenn is about as far as you can get from London and still be in the country. It is on a peninsula that extends toward the USA as far as it can. It is the mildest climate in the country and thanks to this TV show - a tourist hot spot. The show has been running 8 seasons and the town itself has become a TV star. Over here it is on regular TV - but back in the States we have been watching on Netflix.

Lulu has a connection to this area. Her great grandfather left the tin mines of Cornwall to come to America and work in the coal mines. We visited Cornwall in 2008 along with Keith. Here is that story -

Click here for our last visit to Cornwall

This time we will have a car and a hotel room right in downtown Port Isaac (Port Wenn). We will spend 2 nights - coming home Friday evening.

It is 250 miles from London to Port Isaac. Our flight will be from Gatwick to Newquay - it will take an hour on Flybe Airline.

There is a small chance they may be filming part of Series 8.

We are staying at the Slipway Hotel.

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