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Thursday, July 20, 2017

CORNWALL - Second Day In Port Wenn And Watching Doc Martin Filming

Lulu in the slip in front of the Rescue Station

One of my favorites  is Dame Eileen Atkins as Dr Ruth Ellingham

Note the black sign in one video takes and not in the other.

We dedicate this trip to Jan and Dick Davis. The plan was for them to come with us on this one. It was all their idea. Unfortunately - they could not make it. Five years ago - we enjoyed a wonderful reunion with them in London. They are our mentors when it comes to travel. 

We have really enjoyed our second day in Port Wenn watching them recording the Doc Martin TV Show and just enjoying this beautiful sea coast town. We hiked the Coastal Trail along the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean. It was sunny and 60 degrees most of the day. We did get a light drizzle for a few minutes - but we kept hiking. It reminds me of the coast along the NW United States.

Staying at the Slipway Hotel was perfect. We were in the center of action - we had some excellent meals - and were available when all the TV Stars appeared.

We just saw Dame Elaine Atkins shoot her last scene - notice - they set up and shot it from two angles in two different takes.

Tomorrow we will go to St Ives - a sea coast surfing town. Then we will catch our plane to London from Newquay Airport. 

Pasty's are like turnovers but with meat in them.

The harbor drains twice a day - not boats on bottom.

Streets are very narrow.

New construction - not heavy timber.
A cute VW camper - new
This is our rental Vauxhaul - English Chevy
Beautiful home on coastal trail
Port Isaac from  the Coastal Trail
The sea wall was built by Henry VIII.
Note the caves and cliffs - we walked them
They were shooting the TV Show on beach
Note boasts at high tide
Dr Martin's Office - Come Thru
Our white hotel and window over Lulu's head


Mrs. Tishell's pharmacy
Lulu bought fudge in Mrs. Tishell's pharmacy.

Rescue Station
The white shirt guy is Constable PC Penhale
We were watching this scene from our lunch today.

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Elaine D said...

Great shots & videos. Thanks so much for sharing. I would love to buy some fudge in that shop!