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Thursday, March 24, 2016

We Saw The Anne Frank Movie and Anne Frank Museum With Our Guest Joan Varner

Joan and Lulu in front of the Anne Frank
Museum in Berlin.
Joan Varner arrived in Berlin around noon on Tuesday. That would have been 6 AM back home in Tallahassee. So when we got back to the apartment - Joan went for a little nap -I would have expected her to be gone for the night - because she hardly slept on the plane over. But by supper time - to our surprise she was ready to go out for supper.

Wednesday morning when I woke up and walked out to our living room - there was Joan - ready to go.

I shot a few seconds of the Anne Frank movie.
There are more previews of the movie on youtube.

Lulu had planned an all day Anne Frank affair. After taking Joan to see the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (German Capitol) - we found a train and headed toward the Anne Frank Museum. You all know the story of Anne - the Jewish teenager that was hidden in an attic with her family for 2 years so she would not be sent to a concentration camp. That happened in Holland but we were surprised to find a museum dedicated to her ordeal here. Surprise - it was located in an attic high up a spiral staircase.

Click here - Our Holland Visit and Anne Frank

After the Museum - we rushed to a multiplex theatre to see the new March 2016 movie - The Diary of Anne Frank. We arrived just as the previews were ending. It was a beautiful modern theatre - it even had a bar attached. But the real show was watching this very moving story - in a glass theatre in downtown Berlin at 3 PM in the afternoon. The movie was made in Germany - the characters spoke German - but there were English subtitles.

The movie is very sad - and you would be crying most of the way through it you if you weren't so angry at Hitler and the Nazis. It shows much of the harsh treatment - the ridiculing of the people wearing the Jewish Star badges. Anne Frank lead a very comfortable life before the war. Her father Otto had a strong business - and they had quite a bit of money saved up to fund their hiding.

If you need a spoiler alert - do not read on. In 1944 - someone turned the family in. There were 8 of them in the attic above Otto Frank's business. They were all sent to concentration camps - they all died there with the exception of the father. After the war - friends gave him Anne Frank's diary that they found in the attic. The diary has sold 37,000,000 copies so far - and counting. It has been translate into 40 languages. Several movies and plays have been made about her fate.

Anne Frank died in Bergen-Belson prison camp from typhoid a few weeks before the US troops liberated the camp. Recently - a 95 year old former prison guard from that camp was convicted of 1000s of murders.

Joan made it through the entire day without fail. We had supper at a German restaurant right next to the theatre. It was raining a bit as we caught the train back to our apartment in Prenzlauerberg. She made it to 10 PM - amazing - no jet lag for this girl.

One of the things we do not like about Berlin
is the "street art" - some is nice - some is just eyesore.

Joan was supporting a local street vendor.

The Reichstag - presently houses the German Legislature

The winding steps to the Anne Frank Museum.
It has a wonderful collecting of family photos.
We saw the Anne Frank movie in this complex.
Our supper restaurant was that white sign in center.

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