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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


During 1932, political circumstances in Germany were in chaos, even worse than just one decade before, because of the worldwide economic depression following the crash of the American stock market in 1929. The Nazi Party almost won the presidency under a radical new revolutionary leader named Adolf Hitler. Only a year later, Hitler would be appointed chancellor of the German nation, and he would quickly seize full dictatorial powers, pronouncing himself F├╝hrer of the German people. His powerful words struck a cord that the German public wanted to hear. Hitler promised that Germany would regain its world status and power. German prosperity would rebound. However, he also stirred the innermost prejudices and hatred within the German society. Hitler promptly crushed any potential political opposition. He formed around himself a circle of criminals and thugs who used assassination and intimidation to increase their stranglehold on power. The Schutzstaffel, otherwise known as the SS, became an army of personal bodyguards for Hitler. The ranks of the SS included some of the most ruthless and ardent Nazis. Heinrich Himmler was named head of this organization, which eventually carried out some of Hitler’s most reprehensible proclamations. Bigotry directed against minorities was encouraged, even fostered by the state, especially against Jews. This penchant would eventually figure prominently in the story of the A-4/V-2 rocket. 


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