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Monday, March 21, 2016

Giant Bike Store In Berlin - Biker's Heaven

Lulu and I went shopping on Monday afternoon. We were on the S Train and saw a shopping center through the window. I needed to go to the bathroom - so I hopped into the closest store. Boy was I in for a surprise. THOUSANDS of bikes - in all sizes and prices. They were all ready to go - you were allowed to hop on any one of them - and ride around the store.

Prices ranged form 200 euros to 4000 euros. There were racing bikes - off road bikes - commuter bikes - three wheel bikes - folding bikes - electric bikes - tiny bikes and big bikes. They also had service bays right in the showroom.

In Germany - with $6.00 a gallon gasoline - there is no stigma to riding a bike. Women with children - ladies in skirts - men in business suits - and gray headed grandparents - they all enjoy biking. Although we are having a very mild winter over here - people riding around day or night - rain or snow - enjoying their cheap transportation.

What interested me was the line of electric bikes. You can usually tell an electric bike by the battery pack usually on the frame or under the seat.

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