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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Boarding plane to London

It is noon in Berlin. We are boarding a cheap flight to London. Lulu wanted to see billy Elliot one last time before it closes April.

We are on Norwegian air. Row 5 E and F. Flight is two hours. Flight is $37 each way.

We are staying at FSU in our old apartment. Cheapest we could find 109 pounds.

We took a 40 minute train to Berlin schonefeld airport. Our monthly pass covers that. Had a Burger King lunch at terminal.

Temp today was upper 30s. Partly cloudy. Windy in Berlin.

We left our apartment at 10 am. Train went every 20 minutes.

It will be nice to hear English and be able to read signs and menus.

Flight will be 1 hour. 40 minutes.

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