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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Billy Elliot Show Was Fantastic - But A Little Sad

Spencer Snow - the number one Billy Elliot fan
in the world. He has gone to see the show once a week
for 10 years!
Lulu in our 4th row - center - seats - 30 pounds each.
Victoria Palace will be knocked down in April.
The Billy Elliot Show goes on the road.

We started coming to London every summer in 2008 - when Lulu began teaching at the Florida State campus in Bloomsbury. At that time we latched onto the play called Billy Elliot. It is the story of a coal miner's son that wanted to be a ballerina and leave the Coal Regions of England. It reminded me so much of Lulu who wanted to leave the Coal Regions of Pennsylvania to be a professor at Florida State University.

This video was taken by iPhone from my shirt pocket. :-(

During one of those early plays - we noticed a fellow that seemed to be in the front row every time we were at the Victoria Palace. During each show - we would stop by and ask him how he was doing. Sometimes I would do a story about him on my web page.

Last night - we were having a late supper at a restaurant across the street from the theatre - and there he was - Lulu noticed Spencer Snow. We stopped to chat him up but it was pretty loud there. Both Spencer and I have a little hearing difficulty - but when he saw Lulu - his eyes lit up.

Billy Elliot is closing in April. They are tearing down the Victoria Palace - which is directly across the street from the Victoria Station. They have already torn down the restaurants on each side of the theatre. They are going to build a new theatre there - of course - it will be very modern with lots of glass.

Yes - Spencer sees the play every Wednesday night. We were just lucky enough to be there on his night. The play is going on the road around England - and Spencer and his friends will follow it around a bit.

I am glad we went to see Billy Elliot the first night in London - not just to see Spencer - but also I have a cold coming on. We stopped at a Boots Pharmacy to buy some codeine pills - and I am pretty sluggish right now with them. I am in no pain - but I can feel it in my throat - ears - and lungs. I am back in the flat now - Lulu went out to land tickets for a show for tonight and tomorrow. I am losing energy fast - but I have to be a professional - the shows must go on :-)

The videos and pictures that go with this story are not very good. I had to use my iPhone because my good camera failed and we left it in Berlin. I took the video of - Solidarity - with my iPhone perched in my shirt pocket. Just terrible. Also the restaurant video - and other pictures are not as crisp as they should be.

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