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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Best German Treat So Far - Home Made Soft Pretzels

When Lulu got off the train on the way home from London - she stopped at my favorite Penny's grocery store. She brought home this giant box of pretzels. It held 10 BIG unbaked soft pretzels. I was amazed when she said the price was 1.39 euros for 10. You just heat the oven and pop them in for 15 minutes. There is nothing like fresh - hot - soft pretzels. Did I say they were big? Now how do I figure out how to get several boxes home to Florida. They are frozen.

Lulu's first job at Heisler's Dairy Bar in 1970 was making soft pretzels. They had a machine that had rotating shelves. She would put the unbaked pretzels on the rack - then take the finished product of the rotisserie when they were done. She has not lost her touch.

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