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Monday, March 14, 2016

Berlin - Lulu At Humboldt University

Lulu at Humboldt University
We are spending 3 months in Germany thanks to a DAAD Fellowship awarded to my wife - Dr Nancy Everhart.  Humboldt University is in downtown Central Berlin just 3 trams stops from our home in Prenzlauer Berg. It is hard to believe that tomorrow will mark the end of week 5 - it is our hump day. We have 5 more weeks left.

Lulu is studying the feasibility of adding school libraries to the curriculum in the public schools over here - similar to what we have had in America for almost 100 years. Regardless what the news tells you back home - American ideas and ideals are well respected throughout the civilized world.

American films - American music - American fashions - are all emulated and enjoyed. The people of Berlin enjoy how America stood up against the communists in Berlin. Streets are named after great Americans. Some people back home try to make you believe that America is not great anymore. America's greatest ability is to be able to think and change. Rant over.

We are looking forward to 4 sets of guests coming to visit us in the last 5 weeks. Presently - we are in Leipzig at a library convention. We will be here 5 days - then a speedy bullit train takes us back to Berlin.

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