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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Gary Shiver - Our Builder - Is Working On Another Project

This fireplace will have a big TV above it - you can see through to the other side.

Gary Shiver does not advertise. He does not put his projects in the Parade of Homes. He just does one at a time - like circus elephants grabbing the tail of the one in front of it. 

The owner of Sonny's Restaurants here in town - bought a home north of town on 8 acres. But instead of tearing the house down - they decided to gut it. It will join the long list of Gary Shiver million dollar homes when done. After that - he is building Ben Giddens - our AC man - a mansion in the north woods. If we wanted something done - we would have to wait in line after that. 

A lot of the ideas in this renovation are similar to our home. Things like a doubled sided fireplace - foam in place insulation - tankless water heaters - grace this and our project. 

Gary's reputation of quality and promptness precedes him. He is very popular.
Josh and Gary Wayne were working on hanging barn type sliding doors. 
The peaked roof will house a screen porch
That bricked area will be a dining area with lots of windows
Boards were removed to foam insulation in place
It doesn't look like much now - be that will be the kitchen
A dining table will grace this area
Those tiles are almost 2 feet square
The other side of the fireplace. Note the hand made mantles
Someday firewood will grace those openings
How about a closet with all those shoe holes and big windows
More closet space
The master bedroom has a fireplace of its own.

Note the pine board wall will barn style sliding door
Woodwork is finished in dark pine
Rennai tankless water heater in the wall - just like ours.

The front formal entrance faces are long winding asphalt driveway 

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