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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lincoln Returns Home To Springfield

150 years ago today he lie in state in Harrisburg PA

President Lincoln was shot by Booth 150 years ago. When he died - there was a funeral procession that took 11 days to get him home to Springfield IL. The train went from Washington to Baltimore - Harrisburg - Philadelphia - New York City - Albany - Buffalo - Cleveland - Clumbus - Chicago - and he was buried in a tomb in his hometown. He passed through over 300 different towns. 

The above picture was taken in New York City - supposedly the only one in existence. There were ceremonies in each of the cities on the way home. This is the same train route that Lincoln followed to Washington when he became president. He never returned to his hometown of Springfield during his tenure. 

Recently we visited Springfield and enjoyed all that town has to offer. The Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library is by far the nicest we have visited. Lincoln's home is available for touring - the Old State House where he served is renovated to the way it was when Lincoln served. His law office on the corner adjacent to the Old State House is also prepared for visitors. 

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