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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trusses On Garage Roof Going Up Fast

Using a crane to place the trusses.

Trusses are set on 24 inch centers.

Gary and Josh each work an end. The trusses span 24 feet. In the center triangle will be a little attic - 6 feet high - 8 feet wide - 36 feet long.

Today Gary Shiver and Company started installing the roof trusses of the garage at about 7:30. By 9 AM all trusses were in place thanks to some nice crane operation. They will put ¾ inch plywood decking on the roof. We expect the entire garage to be done in a week or so.

Everything is being constructed of 2 x 6 framing studs - ¾ ply walls and roof - ½ inch hardboard siding and trim. The interior will just be a plain plywood finish. 

There will be a small attic storage area with a ¾ inch plywood floor. It will be  6 feet high - 8 feet wide - and 36 feet long.

It will have three 7 x 9 garage doors and one 3 x 7 service door. It will have the shingles - siding - soffits - and trim as the house. 

After that - we will do an asphalt driveway and some landscaping and we will be - done - done.

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