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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Replacing a Pool Pump

Old pump on left - new pump on right

The heart of a swimming pool system is the pool pump. It circulates the water thru the filter - keeping the water fresh and clean. In our case - the old one horsepower pump was making noises - time for a "pump transplant." Pinch A Penny is the local pool supply store we use. They had plenty of new pumps in stock. Believe or not - the guy reached under the front counter and opened a box with the exact pump in we needed. 

With all the pipes and filters around - our pump was a little awkward to get at. My old body still had a little bit of flex left in it and I was able to get to all the 4 stainless steel bolts and the connection wire. It was out in a few minutes and the new pump went in even easier. 

The new pump is much quieter and it provides much more pressure than the old one. The pump was $248 tax included. I probably could have gotten it cheaper on the Internet - but I would have had to wait a few days. 

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