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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No Sheeting Around With The Garage

Gary Wayne is being careful not too miss the trusses with nails. We are turning the finished side of the ¾ inch play in - so it is smooth inside.

This mini-attic is about 8 feet wide- 6 feet high - 36 feet long. That is a free 288 square feet of storage space. It will have ¾ inch plywood floor. 

Gary is cutting off the trusses so we have exactly 2 feet of overhang - just like the house.

Gary is a blur - he wants to beat the rain coming tomorrow. 

The finished garage will be 24 feet x 36 feet. It will have 3 big bays for cars. It will be completely sheeted with ¾ inch 9 layer plywood. the roof will be covered with Titanium underlayment - followed by a layer of fiberglass asphalt architectural shingles.

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