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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mail Gator - A Fantastic Invention To Protect Your Home and Mail

Harry getting ready to install his second Mail Gator. With a little imagination it does look like an alligator.  

I dug a hole about one foot deep and 2 feet wide. Some people will be amazed seeing me working. 

In 2009 - I came across this great invention called The Mail Gator. We travel a lot - and do not like our mail or newspaper all over the driveway to warn crooks we are not home. We do not like to tell the post office and/or local newspaper we are away - that is just inviting crooks. So we bought a Mail Gator.

Mail Gator is simply a specially designed secure mailbox. When the mailman puts the mail in the box - it drops down into a safe bin. No one knows what is in the mailbox until you open the back door. Then the mail comes pouring out. The Tallahassee Democrat also drops our newspaper into the bin. When we go to London the box safely holds a month of mail and papers.

Click here for the story of my 2009 Mail Gator

Five years later - we still love the Mail Gator - and our old gray one still looks as good as new. It is just down the street at 1607 Seminole Drive.

We just built a new home 5 doors down the street. I was tempted to dig the old Mail Gator out - but instead I got a new one in brown granite color to match our new home at 1816 Seminole Drive. UPS delivered our new mailbox - it took me about an hour to unpack it - assemble it - dig a new hole - and place the Mail Gator in the hole - and finally cover it up. No concrete required - the bottom is shaped like an anchor.

I was a science teacher for 33 years. I love new gadgets - but few have impressed me as much as the Mail Gator. I put it right up there with the MacBook Air - the iPhone - my Bose bluetooth sound system - Directv DVR - our Prius - as game changing inventions. The Mail Gator is just so perfect for us.

It is strongly built - very smart looking - and unassuming. You could drive right by it and not even know it is there. The Gator Mail was designed by postal workers - they made an effort to make the perfect mailbox.

The Mail Gator costs a little over $200. Contact Mail Gator Inc - 12425 86th Street - Tampa FL 33619 - 863-255-8025. This story is an unsolicited endorsement - I simply love the product - have used it 5 years - and now wanted another one for my new home. When I like something - I have a big mouth. We all worry about someone stealing our mail then using the information to steal our identity. No need to be home waiting for that important check to come - or important losing medications.

The Mail Gator was delivered to our door by the UPS man.

It is basically two pieces - the box was designed to hold the unit.

The two molded pieces are joined by 4 screws.

Here is my Mail Gator after I assembled it.

I carried it  down to the curb in front of our new plantation home at 1816 Seminole Drive. 

Lulu insisted on getting some pictures of me working - a rare thing.

The bottom is shaped like an anchor - no concrete required. 

There is a line on the bottom to show you how deep to bury it - about one foot.

We put it right in front of our door. I can watch the mailbox from my desk  in the left window.

The Gator Mail door is held closed by a strong magnet. The unit is waterproof and wind proof. You mail remains dry.

You can fit some very big packages in that opening. 

This is a picture of my first Mail Gator in 2009. It looks just as good as new - they put ultraviolet protection in the plastic when they mold it. I wish I never sold that garnet Toyota truck in the back ground.

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