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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Camper Sold - We Hardly Knew Ye

This was our 2002 Dodge Roadtrek camper. On the left in the background you see the foundation of our new home. On the right in the background you see the metal storage garage with doors high enough for the camper.

Inside - the camper slept 4 (tightly). It had 6 seats with seat belts - but one time it took 10 of us to the football game - ready for a tailgate party. It has 2 showers - 2 air conditioners - TV with DVD - Toilet - Microwave - Frig - Furnace - Sink. It has a 318 V8 engine and got 13 to 15 MPG.

We sold our Roadtrek camper. You may re-call we bought it last August. I got a call from Camping World then - they said they had the coach I was looking for. It was a 2002 Dodge Roadtrek. It only had 28,000 miles on it. It was a one owner and in perfect shape. 

Even though we were pouring the foundation for our new home - we zoomed over to Camping World - 10 miles away. The last time they called me with a coach - we hesitated - and lost the deal. This time we were really not in the market - but we took the chance. 

We took it to every football game at FSU. We drove it to Charlotte NC to see FSU win the ACC Championship game. Lulu wanted to drive it to Pasadena but that was insane. We did drive it south to Palm Beach once - and of course you remember our New Year's trip to Sarasota to see the Ringling Museum. We had it to the beach a couple times. We spent about 8 nights total in it. We loved the shower - and it had a very nice smooth ride. 

Since the new garage was just being completed - and Lulu did not like the old metal building - I decided to list the camper on Craigslist. The very first caller drove over from near Panama City - about 70 miles away. He liked it and bought it. It has 31,000 miles on it now - so we only put 3000 miles on it. 

By the way - we have a deal to sell the metal building. 

Make no mistake - it is a great camper. But I did not want it sitting outside being the world's largest lawn ornament. Lulu and I travel a lot - but 90% of the time we are in a jet. We just did not want to waste a nice camper to the elements. Today Robert came over with the cash - and drove the camper home. If you want to know the money details - email me personally. 

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