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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Porch Tiles Outside - Door Profiles Inside - Grouting Bathrooms - Day 82

Tuesday - The rain we expected today did not come. So the tile guys were able to start the porch decks. The brick men said they would be back tomorrow to finish the foundation once the ground dried.

Inside Josh and Gary Wayne were putting up the door profiles. Amber and Kim were grouting the master bathroom.
Amber and Kim grouted the laundry - master closet - and master bathroom. 

Josh was building door profiles. 

The guest bathroom tile is done but still needs the tan grout. This bathroom has a window in the shower. the window will be covered by plantation shutters. 

The porch will be covered with swirly gray porcelain tiles that are 16 inches by 16 inches. they are slip proof and ADA approved.

Josh just installed the closet door profiles. They still have to be caulked and painted.

This is the finished laundry floor with white grout. 

Bedroom 3 - entry door and double closet door.

Bedroom 3 - doors open

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