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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Monday In Pennsylvania School Is Off For the First Day of Deer Hunting Season

The Simchaks - Dad Steve - Alexis - son Steve - and ? forgot the name. I wonder if Father Steve is going to castrate the deer if he catches them? Note the tool. 

In the mountains of Pennsylvania - hunting is a way of life. When I was 12 - my Dad took me out rabbit hunting with my first shotgun - a 20 gauge JC Higgens Bolt Action. In the fall - we would go out every Saturday with our dog Nick to hunt for rabbits and pheasants. Believe it or not - I hit the first rabbit I shot at. He was on the run and I dropped him the first try. Nick was along to kick out rabbits and if we missed our first shots - he chased them around for a second try. 

My first Thanksgiving hunting would have been in 1960. We went out to hunt from 8 until noon. It was a coal region tradition - you either hunted Thanksgiving morning or you went to the Coaldale/Lansford football game. 

Steve Simchak was in my first science class in 1970. I later got to teach his kids including Steve Junior. There were 4 kids in all - in the following pictures I am guessing it is Amber with the camera. Steve the son works near Washington DC now. Two of the girls have become teachers. I am really proud of all of them. 

I wonder if they shot anything.

While hunting is still very popular in Pennsylvania, where 750,000 hunters are expected to take part Monday, many more are leaving the sport than taking it up.
As a result, hunting license sales have dropped dramatically in Pennsylvania over the last three decades.
More than 1.3 million hunters bought licenses in 1982, the most ever in Pennsylvania, but only 943,583 bought them in 2012, a 28 percent decline.

I do not know what the inner tube has to do with this tradition. 

It looks like Steve is making some scrambled eggs. I am guessing they are on the Broad Mountain - north of Nesquehoning. 

I am guessing from the shadow - you are looking north in this picture.

If they were all guys - I would be guessing they would be outening the fire. 

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