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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lulu's Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas tree - stockings - and the gas fireplace on our last holiday at 1607 Seminole Drive. Yes - this home is for sale - tell your friends. 

This Christmas we will be spending the holidays with Keith and Liz. They live in Washington DC. 

Lulu loves decorating for Christmas and having the family here for a few days. Her tree is decorated with ornaments from all of our travels. The Everhart's are not big collectors - but I am always amazed at the memories each ornament brings back to us. 

The names on the stockings are - Elizabeth (Keith's bride - our newest member) - Keith - Nancy - Harry - Drew - Robin - Jack - Kate. They are all decorated with characters from the Rudolph movie. 

This is the last year the Everhart 8 stockings will be hung by the chimney with care in this house. After 10 years of Christmas letters saying we may be in our new home next Christmas - we will say it one more time. Next Christmas - we will be living in our new home down the street at 1816 Seminole Drive. It will be complete January 15th 2014.

This is our new home down the street. Next Christmas - Santa will have trouble delivering our presents because the house has a two-sided fireplace but no chimney. 1816 Seminole Drive.

Lulu found a nice discount on a suite in a nice hotel very close to Keith and Liz's present one bedroom condo. They are in the midst of buying a new larger house nearby. So in the period of a year or so - Drew's family moved into a new home in Richmond - we will be moving to a new home down the street - and Keith and Liz may be moving into a new home in Washington DC. How fast things change.

From Dec 24th to 28th - this will be our home. I wonder if Lulu will bring along a Christmas tree this time.
The Embassy Suites' Lobby in Washington DC

Lulu found a great deal on a suite - I guess most of the diplomats stay home for Christmas.

The Embassy Suites - I hope it is this sunny when we get there. We will fly in Reagan Airport.

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