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Monday, December 23, 2013

House Day 91 - Electrical Ready For Inspection Tomorrow - More Interior Paint - I Wiped Up The Wooden Floorsa

Nick was getting soaked pulling the main wires through the underground conduit to the house. 

Monday Monday - Today was the last work day before Christmas. It was raining outside all day, Three painters were there working on the interior woodwork. Two electricians were finishing up for the electrical inspection tomorrow. 

Nick is the major electrician on our job. He does nice work. Today - in the pouring rain - he was pulling the main wires underground to power the home. All of the boxes and outlets were terminated. The circuit breakers were placed in the main power box. 

While that work was going on - I was scrubbing the wooden floors - getting rid of any excess glue. The floors looks great - not one nail or screw was used. Everything is glued in place. 

The gas logs arrived and I prepared the hearth for them. 

Tomorrow we go up north for 5 days. The workers are taking a vacation during that time. We are closing in - 90% done. 
Harry Potter lived under the steps. We even put wood floor in Jack's secret hideaway. 

The 200  Amp service uses Square D circuit breaker format. The top 8 circuit breakers are ground fault interruptors. 

The dining room fireplace is ready for the logs. The natural gas logs will easily heat the large great hall. The fireplace will be covered with stone. The mantle will attach to the 2 x 10 plank.

The living room fireplace looks a lot  like the dining room fireplace. 

Bedroom 2 has mahogany floors and 4 windows which will have interior shutters.

Bedroom 3 faces west and the back yard. I scrubbed the floors of excess glue today.

Each bedroom has a fire detector. They are hard wired into the electrical system. This is bedroom 3.

Bedroom 2 is green. The smoke detector is not red - it is white- it is covered with protective plastic for now.

This fire detector protects the great hall.

The kitchen/dining room will have a large granite island and an even larger dining room set.

Looking through the fireplace from the dining room to the living room and the front door.

This panorama shot shows the living room.

This is bedroom 3 with its 4 windows.

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