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Monday, December 09, 2013

House Day 81 - It Rained Early - So Most of the Work Was Done Inside

Monday - We got a half inch of rain this morning around 7 AM. This stopped the outside workers cold. By the afternoon is was sunny and 80. Tomorrow we expect a full day of rain. when I left the job today at 5 PM - the tile workers were still busy. 

The laundry looks great with light blue walls with blue and white tile. The pocket door to the right goes into the master suite closet. I took the picture from the dining room.

The bathroom is light blue with white tile and blue highlights. On the left will be a free standing white tub that looks like a tea cup.

Gary Wayne was hanging the 3 feet by 8 feet solid wood interior doors. Notice that each door has 4 hinges. The large double doors are for the closet.

Pennsylvania rounded river pebbles cover the shower floor in the guest bathroom. the pebbles prevent slipping.

The guest bathroom has tan tile with a highlighted checkered stripe. Lulu designed the bathrooms all by herself. 

Rain prevented the last 5% of the brick being done. We kept the porches less than two feet off the ground so we did not have to put up guard rails. There will be front steps.

Notice how the porches slants away from the home. It is reflected in the brick pattern. The columns are fiberglass resin. The porches will be covered with slip proof tile. 

The electrical box is hidden in the bushes. Tallahassee no longer uses meter readers - usage can be read right through the lines by a computer. 

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