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Thursday, December 05, 2013

House Day 79 - Lots Got Done - Soffits - Foundation - Showers

They used a special mix of mortar that Lulu chose to match brick and the house. The house will be a dark khaki. 

Thursday - I was awakened by a call from Gary. He said that if I wanted pictures - I had better get to the site - before they covered up the water and sewer line hook-ups. As I pulled up on the scooter - I was surprised at so many vehicles and so much going on. A front end loader was digging the ditch for the sewer line. The bricklayers were doing the foundation. The city inspector was giving approval to the water and sewer lines to be covered. And coming up the street was the soffit truck and trailer. 

It looked like rain for a while - but the weather held up and prevented a whole bunch of mud ann mess. 
The water line is a one inch diameter piece of plastic pipe. In Tallahassee - they only put the water lines under about one foot of dirt. 

Bubba West is my plumber. He is laying the 4 inch plastic sewer pipe. They put a few elbows in the sewer line to stay away from some of the remaining tree roots.

The front end loader operator was very exacting. The orange pain marks where a phone cable with over 100 pairs of copper wires passes. Whenever you dig in Tallahassee you are required to call the 800 number - and they send out an inspector. He marks the space using an underground sensor and different color paint. Blue is for water lines - yellow is for gas lines - orange is for phone lines - green is sewer.

This is the sewer line coming from the street. It is a 4 inch black pipe about 3 feet under ground. Because we had access from the old house - we did not have to dig up the street - saving thousands. 

This is the joint  of our sewer line to the city's black pipe. A lot of stuff will flow through here every day.

The bricklayers worked all day and I am guessing they are 50% done.

This guy's job was to mix the colored mortar. He kept the mortar boards filled.

The master shower has a small seat in it. There will be no doors on the showers.

The guest shower is large brown tiles. The shower does have a window.

Check out how neat the wiring is in the circuit box. The white circuit breakers are ground fault interrupters. This box is in the laundry.

The brick will be cut using that saw above. For the final course - each brick will have to be cut.

This man was constructing the soffit rails from scratch.

The vinyl soffits protect the underside of the roof eaves. Your recall that we insulated that area.

The brick are really orange - then they were glazed with a darker material and fired. The tiles will cover the entire porch. They are skidproof - ADA approved.

The house is raised up about two feet in the front and one foot in the back. This brick will also be used to construct the steps.

Bending the stock material to the size and shape we needed for the soffits.

The soffits protect the underside of the roof. There is no exposed wood. 

They completed the all the soffits in one day. 

The soffit rails are aluminum. The soffit panels are vinyl. The column are fiberglass. The lintels are Hardiboard. The siding is Nichiboard. The only exposed wood on the whole house is the porch ceiling made of 1 x 6 breadboard pine - stained and then covered with 2 coats of varnish.

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