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Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Room of Hardwood Floor Was Done Friday

This is the master bedroom mahogany wood floor. You are looking east toward the front porch and Seminole Drive.
This is the same room but looking northeast. All this room needs are the plantation shutters - the AC vents - the outlet plates - and the final coat of paint on the walls and woodwork. 

We have Bellawood hardwood floors in our present home. They are made of Brazilian cherry and have served us well for about 7 years.

So when we planned the new home - we did not consider many other options. I would have been happy with tile floors but Lulu did not want that. We are using tile in the bathrooms - laundry room and master closet. We like the color - beauty - and the ease of care of hardwood floors. In our present house - the cherry started out light but darkened quite a bit with age.

We have two of those Roomba vacuum cleaner robots. They do an excellent job on wood floors. You would think your floors are clean until you stop the Roomba and empty a big pile of dust - dander - hair - etc - out of the dirt cup.

Yesterday Gary Wayne and Josh installed mahogany hardwood in the master bedroom. In our old house we chose to nail and screw the floor down. In this house we chose to glue it down. the mahogany boards have a bigger variety of color. It will darken with age - particularly in rooms with lots of windows. The floors is also made by

Today I wiped the floor with a damp cloth - then dried it with a second one. They did an excellent job installing it - no dents - no rough edges - and  any little drops of surplus glue easily cleaned up.

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