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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 83 - Bricks and Mortar - Sword Masonry of Monticello FL

The most important job in masonry is mixing the mortar. If you do not have the right mixture of water - sand - and grout mix - your bricks will fall out. Here - John Dragojevi is using an automatic mixer. Still he must make sure the right ingredients go in. Remember the old motto - garbage in equals garbage out.

They started the southeast corner first.

Billy Crum lays the first course.

Owner of Sword Masonry - Tim Sword makes sure the bricks just touch the string.

Harry supposedly selected the Hartford brick. They used that saw to cut the brick. Note that it is gasoline - not electric - and it has a Honda engine.

This is the south wall.

The 4 walls are essentially 60 feet  by 2 feet. They cover the concrete and provide splash protection. the roof has not gutters.

We used khaki mortar. It is supposed match the khaki siding - the brown tile - the brown brick.

Billy Crum lays the last line. John Dragojevic hauls the last mortar. Tim Sword manages the crew.

There will be a step or two coming off the east side of the porch. The khaki grout for the tile will tie it all together. Porch needs to be grouted.

John - Billy - and Tim are on to the next job.

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