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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lulu Is In New York City For 4 Days

Ruth Ann - Kathy - Lulu - Georgianne - Last Christmas

Lulu had to go to New York and New Jersey to visit some libraries. She likes to go north particularly around Christmas time. She gets to experience some cold weather and the pretty decorations of the holiday season. 

After a few days of work - her 3 cousins - Ruthann - Kathy - and Georgianne - join her and do the town together for the weekend.

A neat feature for me - I can follow along on the activity by way of the American Express Card. Every time Lulu spends some money on the card - I get a copy of the bill on my computer. Right now it is less than 10 minutes since she got into her rental car to visit a school library in New Jersey. Here is the bill.

American Express - Don't Leave Home Without It.

Lulu is an Avis preferred customer. When she rents a car - there is no wait nor any paper work to fill out. They leave the keys in the car for her - she just hops in and takes off.

Looks like she got a Jeep to fight the winter highways.

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