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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Internet Speed Test - Comcast offers 30MBPS for $70 A Month

Do you have good internet service? Does it take downloads forever to show up. Does you email go out fast?

In 1985 - Lulu wrote a grant to sent up email service to her school. We started out with dial-up phone service. You used to hook your computer to the phone line with a modem - it took pictures forever to download. I remember our first modem being a 300 BPS speed (Bytes Per Second)

Then in 1990 - I got a grant for my school to be able to send Mac Computers home with kids in shoulder bags with a small 1200 BPS modem. Students could dial into my school computer and exchange email and download files.

Around 1995 - we got our first cable modem and were able to get "lightning" speed Internet access from Prolog - a division of Service Electric Cable in Pennsylvania.

When we arrived in Tallahassee - they offered free wi-fi Internet service if you were close to the Capitol. At home - we bought Comcast Cable Internet for $60 a month. Last month we decided to upgrade our service. For an extra $10 - our service went from 15 MBPS (megabytes per second) to 30 MBPS. 

Every now and then I do a speed test to see if my provider is giving me what I pay for. In the speed test above - you can see that I am getting 35 MBPS download speed and 6 MBPS upload speed. They are delivering a faster speed than I am paying for. To be able to use that speed - I had to buy a new modem that has 3.0 settings.

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