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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Buddy George Gets Another Science Award

Dr. Stuart Fleischer presenting the Rob Nave Award to George Dawson - Professor Emeritus FSU

This past weekend George Dawson attended the annual meeting of the Southeastern Association for Science Teacher Education in Macon, GA. He was given this award.  He thought he was through with this stuff when he retired 11 years ago.  The man giving him the award is one of his former students who teaches at the American School in Tel Aviv - Dr. Stuart Fleischer.  He was the keynote speaker at the conference and wanted to be the one who gave this plaque to George.  FSU had more teaching alumni there than any other school other than Macon College, the host institution.  The person who nominated George was one of his  students  - Dr. Randy Spaid - who worked as a graduate assistant on a couple of George's interactive media projects.

Dawson said, "Having so many fine people come into my life over the years is why I loved my job so much."

George's wife Joel accompanied him to Macon to receive the award. George is still very active - camping - biking - and traveling.

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