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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lulu and Her Dodge 600 Were in the Homecoming Parade

Here is Lulu in her classic 1986 Dodge 600 Convertible in the Homecoming Parade.

What a beautiful sunny Florida fall day for riding in a convertible and having a Homecoming Parade. FSU's colors are garnet and gold - perfect autumn colors - even in Tallahassee the leaves turn a little bit. 

The parade started at 2 PM and barely went a mile - but lasted about 90 minutes.

Lulu and Dodge Classic chauffeured David Bottoms - the Distinguished Writer Award Winner. Our neighbor Wayne was a member of the committee to choose award winners.

My job was  to hustle along trying to get a decent picture or three.

This is the Garnet and Gold flag of the Seminole Nation.

The is FSU's famous mascot Osceola riding Renegade.

This is Tony Sanchez - the real chief of the Seminole Nation. He also runs casinos.

These prisoner followed Renegade.

President Eric Barron and his wife have a golf cart.

This is an award winning float.

Someone put a flag over the radiator of her classic 1986 Dodge  - completely covering its personality. You could not tell what kind of car is was.

Our neighbor Wayne in the parade.

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