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Monday, August 06, 2012

Tickets Are Tough At the Olympics - And Other Monday Morning Blues

 This is Oxford Street - the main shopping street in London. Traffic was non-existant. Bus - cabs - bikes. Cars are allowed but people leave them at home.

 Another undoctored photo of Oxford Street.

 This is an old reminder for my Geology students. They have one of these in each of the urinals at Olympic Park. It says - "P Wave"

It is Monday morning - our kids and the kids of the kids are all gone. The apartment is very lonely - with lots of wonderful memories bouncing around it. We had no luck at the Olympic today to get tickets. Wednesday we fly home. There are so many good things about our 5 weeks over here - but watching our family get into the bus or subway to go home is not one of them. 

Tonight - Lulu and I have tickets to The Hurly Burly Show. We got third row - center seats. You can google it :-)

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