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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Peter Pan - Tinkerbell - and Lulu

Lulu with the statue of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in front of the Children's Hospital in London. Proceeds from the book - movie - and play help fund the hospital.

It is hard for anyone to think of London without first thinking of Peter Pan - the famous character of the book - movie - play. Peter Pan is famous for being able to fly and for taking his friends to Neverland. But to me the best part of his character is that he never would grow up.

J M Barrie wrote the book about his brother - who died at 14 - so in his mother's eyes he would never grow up.

The Peter Pan theme is found throughout London. This statue is in front of the Children's Hospital by Coram Field. Lulu's London FSU course reminds me a bit of Peter Pan. Lulu is Peter Pan leading her group of librarians through London for 3 weeks. The students come here all full of adventure and the class quickly becomes a group of inquisitive kids enjoying their time in Neverland. Every day is a joyful prance through another storybook place or author from the streets of London. Like in the movie - it is very sad to see them leave for home and the rest of  their lives growing up. Lulu - like Peter in the movie - waves goodbye getting ready to return to London for another 3 week adventure next year - same time - same place. She is already taking notes and planning things to improve the adventure.

Students receive 6 graduate credits during the 3 week course in England. The course has a prequel online before they get here - and they also have projects to finish when they get home as a sequel. Lulu has been teaching a long time - and the word retirement had brushed across her lips a few times. But whenever that is mentioned - it is quickly followed by "but I'll never give up London." We love Tallahassee - but is there a better time to leave town than July and August to enjoy the mild weather of London town?

Like Peter Pan - Lulu will never grow up. Signed - Tinkerbell.

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