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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BLOG FORMAT - How Do You Like My New Web Page Format?

If you are a regular reader - you have noticed I have changed my web page layout.

This chart shows where my readers are from the last week.

I use the free web server called - a service owned by Google. I have been posting my web page faithfully with them for 7 years. There has never been a charge nor a hint of one coming. If you like - you can post ads on your page and make money that way - but I have resisted. You would get paid my the number of "hits" on your ads. Hits is the name of the game in modern media. One day I got 1800 hits when I wrote a story about Elian Gonzalez - the Cuban custody battle boy.

The main reason I chose to change my page layout was because of the Table of Contents. In the past - my web page listed all the posts by date - not title. One could do a word search - but it was very difficult to browse topics. Now all the titles are listed down the right hand column. One can scroll through all 1951 posts - or they can search for a specific topic by word.

It must be working - because there was a dramatic increase in readers since I changed over.

Usually my daily readers fell between 200 and 300. It will be interesting to see the trend. Already at 9 AM - I have had 300 readers.

With the new format - it is easier to change background and text colors - text fonts and sizes - and other layout features. One of my favorites is a jump link - simply - you start the story on the front page - then you get to  "read more" link that takes you to the rest of the article. This keeps the front page cleaner and crisper. More headlines - and quicker page loading.

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Anonymous said...

It was different when I first saw it, but I loved the changes! Websites can't stay static if they expect to continue to pull people in.