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Saturday, August 18, 2012

BRIGHTON BEACH - We Went Here About 10 Days Ago

I just looked up the current water temperature - 50 degrees in August.

The beach was covered with rounded pebbles. No worry about getting sand in your swimsuit or shoes.

The pier extended almost a half mile out into the English Channel. Lots of great beach food - rides - and carnival stuff. Lulu bought cotton candy - she says it is the best in the world - crunchy.

On one of our side trips from London - Lulu and I went to Brighton Beach. Brighton is an old fashion holiday resort town. Queen Victoria had a palace there. Just like everyone in Tamaqua went to the Jersey Shore when we were kids - everyone in London goes to Brighton Beach if they want to swim in the ocean.

We took the train from Victoria Station on a one hour jog south. When you got to the train terminal - it was just a few blocks walking to the beach.

The beach has no sand - just pebbles. The water is very cold - 50 degrees compared to 85 in Gulf here in Florida. It did not stop the locals from swimming - the very white locals with blue lips.

Lulu had fish and chips at this restaurant right on the "sand"

This was Queen Victoria's Pavilion. Some say she spent too much time here. 

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