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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two Beautiful 1951 Fords

 From 1932 to 1954 - Ford used the famous flathead V8 engine

 Notice the wheel skirts - and hardtop look

 Note the beautiful scoop sides on the Crestview

 Ford-o-matic Transmission

The only difference between a 1950 and 1951 was one boob or two.

You never know where a "pick" is going to take you. A guy had a 5000 watt diesel generator listed on Craigslist. He called me to give the directions to his place. He was out in the boonies. I never pass up getting to look into other guys' toys.

The generator was nice. He wanted $500 for a 5000 watt diesel generator with an electric start.

But the highlight of the trip was his two pristine 1951 Fords. He personally did frame up restorations on both of them. Not only were they old cars - 61 years old to be exact - but they were very rare models.  The Victoria sports couple had no B pillars between the windows. The Crestview was a two door sedan.

Notice that the green one had Ford-o-matic automatic transmission. 

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