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Friday, April 08, 2011

Motor Home Blasts Through 6 Cars in Tamaqua


Damage estimates are in the tens of thousands of dollars after the driver of a motor home went on a collision course Wednesday near Tamaqua.

A few tire tracks and some disturbed dirt are the only signs left of Wednesday's crash near Tamaqua.

Police said for an unknown reason an RV crossed into the wrong lane of Route 309 and crashed into six cars in a parking lot.

"I don't know, it's the craziest thing I've ever seen really," said Kiernan Castagnola. She was sitting in her car at the time and almost got hit. "I kind of saw this RV coming toward me and I said, 'Please don't hit my car' and then it just kept coming really fast and it monster trucked all these cars and it then flipped."

Tracy Fanelli was at the copy machine and happened to look out a window.
"I started yelling, 'Oh my god' and it hit the bank, became airborne and took out five or six cars," Fanelli said. "I couldn't believe it was actually happening it happened so quick."

The sound of the crash was so loud that people inside the office building heard it.

"We heard this noise like bombs going off and I joked and said, 'Air raid' and I said, 'I think a car just got hit,'" said witness Laura Spleen.

Police said the driver of the RV, a man from Tamaqua, failed a field sobriety test, but they're investigating the possibility that a medical problem led to the crash.

Harry Note - I bought my first Apple Computer at this Store in 1981.

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