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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ice Cream Burglar - Heislers Dairy Bar

Someone broke into Heislers Dairy Bar Tuesday morning and took ice cream. They also left a video of their crime.

Morris Heisler ran a dairy and dairy bar in Lewistown Valley - just a few miles outside Tamaqua PA. It was a very successful operation that later added a miniature golf course. Many folks in Tamaqua spent a first date golfing at Heislers and having ice cream.

My first job was delivering milk for Heislers Dairy. While in high school - very morning I would work from 5 AM to 7 AM carrying milk door to door in downtown Tamaqua. In the summer - I also worked at night scrubbing the white tile floors shown in this video.

In the picture you see the crooks coming through counter window. Lulu worked at that exact window as an ice cream girl while in high school. It was the last paying job she had before she got married.

Although Morris died maybe 15 years ago - the dairy bar is still a resounding success. The milk processing business has been closed a long time - but it is still the source of the best ice cream in the Coal Regions.

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