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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Just Did It - I Bought The New York Times Online - $15

Yes - I can no longer get the milk for free - so I bought the cow. For the last 20 years - I have enjoyed reading the New York Times online - every morning I would get up - and it was one of the first web pages I visited. I could read any article I wanted for free.

A couple of weeks ago - they said no more. They still offer readers a total of 20 free articles a month - but I used those articles up quickly. After those 20 articles - the black box would open in the middle of my screen - and it said I must pay now - or not read anymore until the first of May.

They offer one month trial for $1. After that it is $15 a month - about 50 cents a day. I am not sure what the paper copy of the Times - but I am sure it is more than 50 cents.

If you do order the paper copy - they offer the online version for free.

This is the second newspaper that I have purchased a subscription. The Tallahassee Democrat decided about 6 months ago to stop online freeloading. Local online readers screamed and cried - but the Democrat did not relent. I pay $20 a month for the pleasure of that paper.

Just like we went from FREE over the air TV to PAY cable TV in the 1950s - we are now paying to play. Just like we went from Cable TV to satellite TV - we agree to pay more to get more entertainment.

So with two newspaper subscriptions - add $35 a month more to my nut to cover.

I will keep you informed on how long I maintain the subscriptions.

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