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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Don't Know How Lulu Find These Hotels - Marriot's Starr Pass Golf Suites - 5 Miles West of Tucson - $50 a Night

Lulu is busy visiting a school library in Tucson and going on PBS-TV supporting school libraries. I am left to lounge around this beautiful Starr Pass Golf Suites with temperature in the 70s and about 15% humidity. Lulu has a series of web pages she visits for bargains - including This place normally costs about $300 a night - but she got it for $50.

This must be what heaven is like. We are in the foothills overlooking the city. The place is covered with gigantic cacti (cactuses). It probably would not be nearly as nice if there were a lot of people here - but right now it is perfect.

Lulu will be done her school library visit in a couple of hours - then we have 3 days to enjoy Tucson. You may recall that Lulu taught at the University of Arizona during the summers of 1993 and 1994. While she was busy teaching those classes and making a name for herself - the boys and I toured all over the Southwest. We would rent a car and make these giant circle tours. We visited - Tombstone - Bisbee - Alamogordo - Albuquerque - Gallup - Colorado Springs - Denver - Boulder - Mesa Verde - Bryce Canyon - Zion National Park - Phoenix - Mexico - White Sands - Grand Canyon - Los Angeles and San Diego. Now it is Lulu's turn to see some of that.

This is the 25th school library award Lulu is presenting out of a total of 35. By the end of May - she will have visited all 35 schools in 35 different states. She will do at that while performing a list of duties as a professor at Florida State. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Now to enjoy Tucson. We don't golf.

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