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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who Flies North to New Jersey, New York City, and Washington DC in November?

I am typing this as Lulu and I are winging our way over South Carolina on a one-week sojourn to the North Country. Delta is offering free wifi internet on the plane as a promotion - so I have the joy of another hour on the Internet :-)

Lulu is speaking at the convention of the New Jersey Association of School Librarians in New Brunswick. After that we will have a little time in New York City - then drive to Washington DC for a conference there. While Lulu is busy Friday at the convention - I intend to meet my old friend George Taylor for lunch somewhere. George is the editor of a newspaper in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and not too far from New Brunswick. He just emailed to say we could meet in Clinton, NJ.

On Saturday - we will drive from NJ to Washington - hopefully getting to son Keith's apartment in time to watch the FSU at Wake Forest game at noon. If FSU loses this game - there is no chance of getting into a bowl game - first time in 31 years. FSU will be playing with a quarterback making his first start of the season due to a season ending injury to the regular quarterback - Christian Ponders.

While in Washington - I plan to meet with Steve Simchak - one of my favorite former students. Steve is the director of technology for a federal agency - not too bad for a kid that claims the only computer training he has is from Mr. Everhart's seventh grade science class. Steve and I will discuss hard drives over lunch.

Lulu's conference is near Dulles Airport and the new Smithsonian Air Museum. We will stay there until Wednesday - then we fly home.

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