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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Big Ben Wash Pros Washed Our Home - Garage - Driveway - Sidewalks - Roofs

Nathaniel and Henry - Big Bend Wash Pros

We have guests coming - so Lulu wanted everything looking fresh. It has been 10 years since we built this home - so it was time. Usually I do a light pressure washing with a small electric washer. But at 75 - I am just too old to get up on the roof and into the high eaves. So it was time to hire - Nathaniel and Henry - the Big Bend Wash Pros. 

I emailed them - they looked at our home online - and gave us a quote for the job. With a little begging - they were able to fit us in before our guests arrived. 

They arrived promptly as scheduled - and it took two men about 3 hours to do the job. They cover plants - and dilute the area around the house to protect grass. They cover locks and electrical outlets. This method is called soft washing. They use hoses with high volume and low pressure. They also use sodium hypochlorite - a chemical similar to pool chemicals. They vary the percentage for different areas. 

We are very happy with the results - we give them a high recommendation. You can see by the results - they left our home a happier place. We paid after the job was complete. 

Temperature was in the 50s when they started. 

They did the roofs last because
 they wanted them hot

They did the porch decks

The garage was shorter

The porch ceilings are oil stain

The tile washed easily

They sealed the outlets

No paint was removed

The sidewalks were black with algae

The driveway is nice

The garage paddock gets pine needle stains


One wets the ground with water -
while the other washes the roofs

The roofs are asphalt shingles

They walked along the eaves

The foam was working

I liked the spinner

They washed the ceiling and quickly rinsed it

It really brightened up

Dirt collected around window frames

The white soffits had a lot of bug debris


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